Multi-mode deployment

Cloud-native technology, multi-cloud architecture, worry-free mode switching

One-Click Multi-Cloud Architecture

  • Public Cloud
  • Proprietary Cloud
  • Private Cloud

Simply register an account to use Public Cloud Platform, the most economical and convenient way.

As a typical model of IM Cloud Service, all business can be built on Public Cloud efficiently. Service usage cost can be greatly reduced through resource sharing.

Lanying IM Proprietary Cloud represents

And more considerate services

Better cost-effectiveness

The most optimized high-performance service ensures cost performance, on-demand use, and linear pricing without tariff fluctuation.

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Quick integration

Cross-platform SDK Floo, neat and elegant API, making integration very simple.

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Efficient and reliable

Newly designed binary communication protocol with low traffic and delay, ensuring reliable and orderly delivery of messages.

Stable and robust

10 million-scale concurrency, stable serving, and up to 99.99% SLA availability.